Rifle Metalsmithing

Custom Stocks and Steel does not offer full rifle metalsmithing services at this time. However, what we can offer our clients is collaboration with a gunmaker specializing in rifle metalsmithing and we can complete the stockmaking and metal finishing in our shop. One of the best aspects of being a member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild is having the opportunity to team up with some of the finest gunmakers in America. We would be happy to explore and even spearhead your custom rifle build and can recommend smiths that specialize in single shot and bolt rifle metalsmithing to accomplish stunning results both visually and down range. 

Double Gun Metalsmithing 

 At Custom Stocks and Steel our metalsmithing services center around the double gun. We specialize in creating one of a kind works of art based on a variety of field grade and lower grade actions. Some double guns that lend themselves well to such customization include the A.H. Fox Sterlingworth, Remington 1894 and 1900, Lefever Arms Co. guns, LC Smith guns and many of the lower grade German and British boxlocks. All of these are proven actions with good strength, proven reliability, and enough extra steel to allow for some wonderful customization. For some examples of what is possible please see our Custom A.H. Fox page.

Please Note

​We are not in the business of altering high condition original guns and will refuse a custom gun commission if you bring us a collector grade original. When seeking out a project gun we advise looking for a gun with good barrels, and proper function, but with little original finish and/or rough or broken stocks. These guns can be had for a good price and make a great basis for a custom project. 

Custom Model 7 Remington. Regarding metalsmithing this picture shows welding of factory safety slot and the Installation  of color case hardened three position safe.

professional Member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild 

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