Custom Stocks and Steel

professional Member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild 

Our Mission

At Custom Stocks & Steel stockmaking is a passion. The art of stockmaking is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. When properly executed it is not only a thing of beauty, but also a great aid toward successful shooting. For clients who know their dimensions, we will be happy to build your stock to these exacting figures. If however, this is your first custom stock and you have not been fitted, we would be pleased to accommodate your needs with an onsite fitting or refer you to a fitter in your area. It is our goal to help you realize your vision for a custom built gunstock and to help you achieve good shooting through proper stockfit. From British sidelock guns to custom bolt action rifles and everything in between we are confident our work will exceed your expectations.

​Form Meets Function

Our stockmaking focuses on the Golden Age of cartridge guns and rifles (1880-1930s). This was a period of time when guns and rifles were made with finesse and beauty. Metal and wood were formed and merged to fulfill specific tasks and stock design was no small part of that process. Stalking rifle stocks were slim and light, carrying no unnecessary bulk. Dangerous game rifle stocks were robust and strong, but still lively to handle and beautifully shaped. Upland double stocks were fast handling and fitted precisely to the end-users dimensions. Each form had within it a function and its own beauty. This is our goal, to build you a beautiful stock, fitted to you, and built for your guns intended purpose. We prefer to work in these classic styles whenever possible as they, in our opinion, represent the highest form of the gunmakers art. Whether the clients’ desire leans toward the classic British, German, or American persuasion we can accommodate with the appropriate stockmaking to match. We are also happy to stock bolt rifles in the more modern “American Classic” style as it is a pleasing form married with pragmatic function.