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Custom Stocks and Steel

Gunstock Duplication

Are you looking for accurate gunstock duplication for an affordable price? Then look no further. We offer gunstock duplication for the trade as well as the amateur and hobbyist stockmaker. Our gunstock machining is very accurate leaving just enough wood within the inletting for you to achieve a perfect wood to metal fit without the laborious hours needed when stocking from the blank or working from a “semi-inlet” stock. These are not “drop in" stocks as "drop in" is a nice way of saying gaps everywhere. However, they greatly reduce the time needed to achieve professional results.  

Pattern Making
Our pantograph machine is only as accurate as the pattern we are tracing. If there is a gap between wood and metal in the pattern there will be a gap in the duplicate. As such, creating an accurate pattern is critical. Thankfully we live in a wonderful time where two part epoxy and body putty exist. Modifying and or repairing an existing stock in preparation for duplication is a straightforward task. We offer pattern making services to those in need of a little help in creating their one of a kind gunstock, or we can walk you through the process for those willing to take on patternmaking themselves. In addition we have some patterns available for those mass produced rifles that lend themselves to production type duplication. In short, we can help you achieve the results you desire in your stockmaking through our duplication and pattern making services.